Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.
And here is the new product of the house – ^^ Swallow ^^
Welcome Baby ” 
Avaible in blue and pink versions @ Cosmopolitan
Blue ( Click the photo to see it Flickr )

#398 - Welcome to the world

Details ( Click the photo to see it bigger )

PinkClick the photo to see it bigger )
Details :
low prim version (21 prims) and high definition (68 prims).
The set is modify and can be modified using the “Edit” mode. 
All the pieces can be unlinked and used as you like.
Ps : I preferred not to change anything of the original product, 
if you like something, you like it from the beginning 🙂
Enjoy shopping 
be happy with the birth of your baby with 
^^Swallow^^ products

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