I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness

I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness
Hair : Olive – the Xan ( bubble goth )
new – Mask : Revelation – Rabbit Mask
new – Top/Panties : Beautiful Dirty Rich – Nova @ Cyber/Punk Fair
Rings : Swallow – Runway
new – Bracelet : Swallow – Supreme @ Kustom9 

[…] I don’t wanna be alone, I don’t wanna be
I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness
I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness
I don’t wanna be alone in the darkness anymore
(Hello, darkness, my old friend)
Here I am, alone again
Can’t get out of this hole I’m in
It’s like the walls are closin’ in
You can’t help me, no one can
I can feel these curtains closin’
I go to open ’em
But something pulls ’em closed again
(Hello, darkness, my old friend)
Feels like I’m loathing in Las Vegas
Haven’t got the vaguest why I’m so lost […]

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