Silver Night

| *Epic*, Baubles, Enemy Style, Lucky Board

Silver Night
[…] She turned her face up to the starlit sky
And on this night began to wonder why
She knew that soon the day would come

Born to be
An heir of beauty and serenity
Into this world she entered quietly
To her surprise she was the one

Destiny was close behind her
Phantom of borrowed life
And the sea was a reminder […]


Mesh Body Lara , by Maitreya
Mesh Head Tala , by Catwa
( new ) Betty deep cut romper dress created by Enemy Style
Accessories , hair & shoes 
Hair Accessory , Sparkle Pearl Kawaii kuma ears ( Photo : faun ) created by *Epic*
.Olive. hair , Kelly on Lucky Board
( new ) Hoop earrings created by Baubles! @ On9
Butterfly Pose ( free ) by A&R