Mesh Body Lara by Maitreya
Mesh Head Tala by Catwa
( new ) Vienna body Swimsuit created by Revelation
Accessories & Shoes
Heart collar created by The Secret Circle
Hysterical Shoe’s named by ” Plug in Baby “
Fabia Hair , named ” Adriana “
[…] ►♪♫ Silent I can’t wait here silent
Working up a storm inside my head
Nothing I just stood for nothing
So I fell for everything you said
Hear the rumble
Hear my voice
Silent I can’t wait here silent
Gotta make a change
And make some noise
Undo my sad
Undo what hurts so bad
Undo my pain
Gonna get out, through the rain
I know that I am over you
At last I know what I should do
Undo my sad love ♪♫ […]

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